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All About Us

BonOrgano supplies and exports 100% Real raw organic honey gathered by bees in India. Bonorgano has been producing some of best quality real, natural, pure 100% organic honey and bee products available for you. BonOrgano brings 100% Raw, Pure & Natural Honey. As our brand Moto is to bring the “Goodness of Nature” in your home, we strive to bring unadulterated pure honey straight from beehives. This amazing ingredient made and cared by nature will not only sweeten your life but it will add more to your lifestyle by providing abundant minerals and nutrients. We at BonOrgano working very hard with various small farmers to bring the best and purest honey in its natural form thus contributing to producing and marketing 100% natural, raw products and preserving our mother nature in its bio diversity. We are a team of self motivated, dedicated people who aim a common moto of “Consumer First”.

We understand real quality is important to our customers, we ensure that the honey you receive is unpublished processing that many large retailers require. The table and manuka honey we get are not kept at temperatures higher than on a hot summer day. This ensures that all the goodness of nature is preserved. Additionally, we will not filter your table or manuka honey. Fine filtration can snatch beneficial components from honey, reducing the nutritional benefits of Honey.

Our mission is to be a pioneer in providing genuine organic products by bringing of goodness of nature to real life for better living.


We stand for pure honey